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GOES-R Series Solar Ultraviolet Imager (SUVI) Level 2 Products
browse graphic These SUVI Level 2 (L2) data are designed for use by the NOAA-NWS Space Weather Forecast Office and include several different products: composite images, thematic maps, bright regions, flare locations, coronal hole boundaries, coronal hole images, and fixed and running difference images. The SUVI Composite Image product is a weight average using the short and long exposures found in the SUVI Level-1b product to produce a high-dynamic range image. SUVI Fixed Difference images use a set "reference" image to produce difference images with respect to a particular event. SUVI Running Difference images use the most recent data to produce difference images showing short-term changes in the solar corona. The SUVI Thematic Map is a "mask" image that shows the automatically classified solar features. Composite images, as well as fixed and running difference images, are available in each of SUVI's six wavelengths. SUVI image products are available as FITS files. The SUVI Coronal Hole Boundary product contains lists of the boundary pixels in both image and heliographic coordinates for all coronal holes identified in the SUVI Thematic Map. The SUVI Bright Region Report uses the SUVI Thematic Map and SUVI Composite Image products to provide statistics on identified bright regions on the Sun. The SUVI Flare Location Report provides locations and statistics on flares identified by either the SUVI Thematic Map or the XRS Event Detection products. These products, Coronal Hole Boundaries, Bright Region Report, and Flare Location Report, are tabular data provided in netCDF-4 format.