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GOES-R Series Magnetometer (MAG) Level 2 Products
browse graphic The GOES-R spacecraft includes a pair of boom-mounted fluxgate magnetometer instruments which operate simultaneously to obtain measurements of the geomagnetic field. The Magnetometer Subsystem supports the following mission objectives: 1) Map the space environment that controls charged particle dynamics in the outer region of the magnetosphere, 2) Measure the magnitude and direction of the Earth's ambient magnetic field in three orthogonal directions in the geosynchronous equatorial orbit, 3) Determine general level of geomagnetic activity, and 4) Detect magnetopause crossings, storm sudden commencements, and substorms. These MAG Level 2 (L2) data include several different products: high-resolution magnetic field readings in multiple coordinate systems; one--minute magnetic field averages in multiple coordinate systems; magnetic field deviation from quiescent state; and the geo-magnetopause crossing location and identification of when geo-magnetopause crosses satellite paths. Data are in netCDF-4 format.