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Magnetometer High-Resolution Level 2 Data for GOES-I through GOES-P, Provided in Four Coordinate Frames
browse graphic This data set provides a 20+ year archive of science-quality, 2Hz geosynchronous measurements of the magnetic field from eight NOAA spacecraft, GOES-8 through GOES-15. GOES-8 started the era of high cadence observations (2 Hz) as it began operations in 1995. While magnetometer data from GOES 8 - 15 satellites have been available for many years, the current data set offers several major improvements. The new archive includes the highest temporal cadence (2 Hz), recomputed means, corrected calibration parameters, updated quality flagging, vector measurements in geophysically relevant coordinates, and full ephemeris information. In addition, this data set follows a unified standard format -- netCDF-4 -- that is also used in GOES-R series Level 2 magnetometer files. The dataset spans the time period from 1995 to the present.