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GOES Space Environment Monitor, Energetic Particles
Solid state detectors with pulse height discrimination measure proton, alpha-particle, and electron fluxes. E1 and I1 channels are responding primarily to trapped outer-zone particles. The I2 channel may occasionally respond to trapped particles during magnetically disturbed conditions. The remaining proton integrals measure fluxes originating outside the magnetosphere from the Sun or the heart of the Galaxy.Users of GOES particle data should be aware that significant secondary responses may exist in the particle data, i.e. responses from other particles and energies and from directions outside the nominal detector entrance aperture. The integrated protons displayed in these plots have been partially corrected for these effects. The electron detector responds significantly to protons above 32 MeV. Electron plots from GOES-8 to GOES-12 use data that have been corrected for this, earlier plots use uncorrected data. All electron data become unreliable during ion storms.