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Calculations of the Total Number of Electrons Along a Ray Path Extending from the Transmitter to the Receiver
Ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) is the total number of electrons in a column of unit cross section extending from the transmitter to the receiver. TEC is calculated from observations of the rotation of a polarized signal (faraday rotations) transmitted from the satellite. There are several specific techniques for obtaining TEC by using Faraday rotation. Estimates of accuracy for these data range from 2 percent to 30 percent, depending on the technique and the validity of assumptions for the particular observational conditions. These data consist of publications or computer printouts. Listed below are the available stations. The dates may not be inclusive. Ahmedabad 196411-196712 Bangkok 196411-196612 Delhi 196410-196612 (Explorer 22) Report 32 196410-196512 Report 33 196601-196612 Report 66 196506-196709 (Explorer 27) Lunping 197703-198312 (Some of these data are available in digital form.) Hamilton, Mass. 196801-196812 (Medians only.) Hamilton, Mass. 196711-197212 Hawaii 196409-197312 (only plots) Haifa (Israel) 198103-198303 Fort Monmouth 198302-198303 Florence(Italy) 196401-196606 Puerto Rico 197601-197603 San Jose 196412-196512 Dos Campos Slough 197511-197607 Tucuman 197606-197610 Urbana, Ill. 196712-197012 Val-Joyeux 196505-196712 (Solar times used. Area is from 40-52N and 7E-3W.)