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Micronekton sampling gear Intercalibration Experiment Survey #1 (MIE-1) (SE0413L2, EK60)
The goal of the cruise was to collect micronekton samples using three different type of midwater trawl: Cobb trawl, Isaacs Kidd Midwater Trawl (IKMT), and a Hokkaido University Frame Trawl (HUFT). Trawls were conducted off the lee coast of the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, in approximately 1,000 m deep waters. Acoustic backscatter was simultaneously monitored during trawls using an EK60 system operating at 38 and 120 kHz frequencies. Trawls sampled the nighttime shallow scattering layer and daytime deep and shallow scattering layers. It total, 18 Cobb, 19 IKMT, and 20 HUFT were completed.