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2016 Summer California Current Ecosystem CPS Survey (RL1606, EK60)
The cruise sampled the California Current Ecosystem from San Diego, CA to Vancouver Island, BC, CA. Multi-frequency (18-, 38-, 70-, 120-, 200-, and 333-) General Purpose Transceivers and Wide Band Transceivers (Simrad EK60 GPTs and EK80 WBTs), were configured with split-beam transducers (ES18-11, ES38B, ES70-7C, ES120-7C, ES200-7C, ES333-7c, respectively). The transducers were mounted on the bottom of a retractable keel called a "centerboard". The keel was retracted (~ 5-m depth) during calibration, and in the intermediate position (~7-m depth) throughout the survey. Exceptions were made during shallow water operations, when the keel was retracted; or during times of heavy weather, when the keel was extended (~9-m depth) to provide extra stability. In addition, the Simrad ME70, MS70, and SX90 were used to sample the water column simultaneously using K-sync to sequence pinging between sounders and sonars. The EK80s were removed from the ship halfway through the survey on August 19 and resinstalled on September 19. EK80 data was collected in CW mode.