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Coral reef monitoring and mapping at US Line Islands (OES0404, EK60)
The goal of the cruise was to conduct ecosystem surveys in tropical waters near the islands of Jarvis, Palmyra, and Kingman. Surveys were conducted using the Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) method and by toad divers for fish, corals, invertebrates, and algae. Oceanographic assessment of the reef ecosystem was conducted by CTD casts for temperature and salinity and Acoustic Doppler Current Profiles for currents. Surface and subsurface temperature were also collected by towed divers and surface temperature, salinity, and fluorometer readings were continuously recorded by instruments on the Sette. Long-term monitoring was accomplished by deployment and retrieval of a variety of internally recording devices. Acoustic backscatter was monitored using an EK60 system at 38 and 120 kHz frequencies. Terrestrial wildlife visual surveys were conducted at the islands/atoll for sea and shorebirds.