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Cruise NF-12-06-FKNMS (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary) (Reson7125)
1) Multibeam survey over Boca Grande Bar, the purported mutton spawning aggregation site near Western Dry Rocks. Couple with fishery acoustics, FL FWC?s ROV, divers or drop camera for habitat validation. 2)Multibeam target areas in the vicinity of the Dry Tortugas (DT Westbank Gaps) and northwest of Loggerhead Key (?The River?), including fisheries acoustics survey for fish biomass distribution. 3)Fisheries acoustics mapping in select region(s) bisected by the TNER boundary to contribute to existing data on distribution of fish biomass in relation to Ecological Reserve boundary. 4)Drop camera and/or diver visual surveys over bathymetry habitat features of interest, particularly in ?The River?. 5)Service array of VR2 receivers in the vicinity of Dry Tortugas using divers. 6)Dive and lower camera over the side of ship or a small boaton mutton spawning aggregation locations on Riley?s Hump on/around August full moon on/around 2 August.