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Mid-Atlantic Ridge Deepwater Biodiversity Exploration (HB0902, EK60)
Objectives: With the overall goal of surveying and describing the biodiversity of the bathypelagic fauna near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a team of biological oceanographers and taxonomists will conduct a program having the following objectives: 1. Participate in an international exploration of the non-hydrothermal ecosystems of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, focusing on the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone; 2. Survey the bathypelagic and benthopelagic nekton using midwater and bottom trawls and hydroaccoustic methods, with concurrent sampling of environmental factors (i.e. depth, hydrography) and topographic characters for distributional analysis to examine temporal changes by comparison with the results of a Norwegian cruise on R/V G.O. Sars in 2004; 3. Collect, sort, identify, and curate whole specimens and tissue collections for future analysis; 4. Assemble a database of species, species abundance/distribution, as well as specimens and photographs of freshly collected specimens; 5. Provide research opportunities and training in taxonomy, systematics and field oceanographic techniques for students and professional researchers; 6. As an auxiliary objective, a marine mammal observer will conduct a visual survey of mammals, turtles and birds during daylight hours when weather permits.