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MGL111 Chirp - US Extended Continental Shelf Project: Bering Sea CHIRP high-resolution Seismic Profile data.
The Knudsen 2620 acquired sub-bottom profiles continuously throughout the cruise. The Knudsen was operated in 3.5 kHz Chirp mode, emitting a 1.5 kHz to 5 kHz (3 kHz bandwidth centered on 3.5 kHz) pulse from transducers mounted in the pod beneath the hull. A record window of 100 or 200 meters and assumed sound velocity of 1500 m/s remained constant through the cruise, except for areas where topographic variation dictated a >200meter record window. The resulting data records were 131 or 261 msec long, with a sample interval 0.038 msec. The ping rate varied over the course of the cruise, generally between 4 and 6 seconds.