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Environmental Assessment of the Buccaneer Oil Field in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico 1978-1979
browse graphic This data set contains analytical data from samples acquired from the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico area under contract to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during 1978-1979. Individual contractors included researchers from Rice University, Moody College, and Texas A and M University. Most samples were taken from the R/V Gus III. The project was known as the "Buccaneer Oil Field" project. Caution: numerous errors found in this data set. LIST OF FILES: readme.txt (collection documentation), 03495004.cly.txt (clay mineralogy), 03495004.siz.txt (sediment size analysis), 03495004.sed.txt (surficial sediment), 03495004.tss.txt (trapped suspended sediment ), 03495004.sup.txt (suspended particulates).