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CNEXO World-Wide Compilation of Published, Multi Component/Analyses of Ferromanganese Concretions
browse graphic The Centre National Pour l'Exploitation des Oceans (CNEXO) ferromanganese nodule analysis files consist of geochemical data from published reports pertaining to oceanic ferromanganese deposits, including Russian, since 1891. Data were compiled under the direction of Professor Jean-Marie Monget of Ecoles de Mines, Paris through 1976 and contain data for nearly 200 marine core, dredge, and grab samples. Data include method of analysis, oxide/item/element concentrations, location, water depth, sample lithology, and bibliographic references. The CNEXO data are also available as part of the NOAA and MMS marine minerals database and are offered on the NOAA and MMS Marine Minerals CD-ROM data set released in October of 1992. The CNEXO data are also available for direct download from NCEI's web server.