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CLIMAP 18K bp Sediment Data Files - Micropaleontology, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry From Sea Floor Cores
browse graphic The CLIMAP (Climate: Long-range Investigation, Mapping, andPrediction) Project was funded by the National Science Foundation aspart of the International Decade of Ocean Exploration (IDOE) Program. The CLIMAP 18k bp sediment data files were compiled by Oregon State University, and include the work of several major institutions. The files contain micropaleontology in the form of faunal counts of diatoms, planktonic foraminifera, coccoliths, and radiolaria, as well as stratigraphy (percent fine, coarse, total carbonate, oxygen 18 and carbon 13), and geochemistry (percent opal, quartz, and organic carbon), and inferred sea surface temperatures for 635 ocean sediment cores. Data are primarily from the period 18,000 years bp to the present. Time data give upper and lower samples depths, technique, and C14 dates (for total sample, coarse fraction, and fine fraction). Age estimates are given in thousands of years with upper and lower age error estimates. In addition, each data records contains station information. The CLIMAP 18k data set is available for direct download as a Paleoclimatology data set from the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) and collocated World Data Center for Paleoclimatrology.