Okeanos Explorer (EX1403): East Coast Mapping and Exploration


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Multibeam, single beam, and subbottom sonar data will be collected 24 hours a day. XBT casts will be conducted regularly for multibeam calibration. The ship's Scientific Computing System (SCS) will monitor and collect oceanographic, navigation, and meteorological data throughout the cruise.
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    Dataset pointOfContact Derek Sowers
    (603) 862-0369
    Dataset processor Derek Sowers
    (603) 862-0369
    Time Period 2014-05-07T00:00:00 to 2014-05-22T00:00:00
    Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates
    N: 41.4
    S: 24.15
    E: -41.4
    W: -82.9
    Spatial Coverage Map
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    Dataset Progress Status Planned - fixed date has been established upon or by which the data will be created or updated
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    Purpose EX1403 is an exploratory mapping expedition. Using deep water multibeam, single beam and sub-bottom profile data, EX will perform baseline characterization of highest priority areas based on feedback from other NOAA Offices, Programs, Labs and regional management councils. Top priority areas are focused on Marine Protected Areas in the South Atlantic off the east coast of the U.S. EX will also fill data gaps along the Atlantic continental slope. As a survey of opportunity, EX will test an advanced oxygen/argon sensor, to conduct shallow plankton tows to help assess if bluefin tuna are spawning over the Blake Plateau region, and to search for an underwater cultural heritage resource in the vicinity of the continental slope near Cape Hatteras.
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    • Credit for this cruise goes to the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research and its Okeanos Explorer Program.
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    • Northeast Fisheries Science Center Marine Protected Areas bluefin tuna
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    • Blake Plateau Cape Hatteras
    Keywords Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) Program Discovery Keywords
    • expedition
    • exploration
    • explorer
    • marine education
    • noaa
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    Keywords Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) Okeanos Explorer Discovery Keywords
    • okeanos explorer
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    • scientific computing system
    • SCS
    • noaa fleet
    • R337
    • multibeam
    • multibeam sonar
    • telepresence
    • sub-bottom profile
    • mapping survey
    • multibeam backscatter
    • water column backscatter
    • singlebeam sonar
    • single beam sonar
    • single-beam sonar
    • deep-sea exploration
    • high-definition underwater video
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    • exploration vessel
    Keywords Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) Marine Archaeology Keywords
    • archaeology
    • archaeological
    • conservation
    • conserve
    • crm
    • cultural resource management
    • historic
    • marine archaeology
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    • nautical
    • nautical archaeology
    • preserve
    • protect
    • protection
    • submerged cultural heritage
    • submerged cultural resource
    • uch
    • underwater cultural heritage
    Use Constraints
    • Data use shall be credited to NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. No data access constraints, unless data are protected under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.
    Access Constraints
    • Data use shall be credited to NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. No data access constraints, unless data are protected under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.
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    Acquisition Information (collection)
    • Kongsberg EM304
    • Simrad EK60
    • Simrad EK80
    • Knudsen CHIRP 3260
    • RM Young 61202V
    • RM Young 41382VC
    • RM Young 05106
    • Sippican XBT/XSV
    • SBE 45 Micro TSG
    • SBE 911plus CTD
    • SBE 32
    • POS/MV 320
    • Furuno GPS
    • Reson SVP 70
    • Ocean Surveyor ADCP
    • Okeanos Explorer (EX)
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