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Completeness Rubric for: Okeanos Explorer (EX1401): Ship Shakedown and Patch Test

Completeness Score: 81% + 8

Resource Hierarchy Level: 'collectionSession' ? Status: 'planned'
Category Score
+ Extra Credit
Rubric Requirements
Identification 100% + 2 Required
Access + 1 Conditional - not required when Resource Hierarchy Level ='fieldSession' or Status= 'planned'.
Coverage 100% + 1 Required
Content 0% + 0 Conditional - not required when Resource Hierarchy Level = 'fieldSession'.
History 100% + 0 Required
Quality 0% + 0 Conditional - not required when Resource Hierarchy Level = 'fieldSession'.
Connections 100% + 1.0 Required
Metadata 100% + 0 Required
Associated Resource + 2 Highly Recommended
Attribution + 1 Highly Recommended

Version 2.1.
Last update of Rubric scoring: 2016-11-17
Last update of HTML display: 2016-11-17

NOAA data providers are required, per the NOAA Data Documentation Procedural Directive, to document their datasets, models, observations and other earth science resources with ISO 19115:2005 and ISO 19115-2:2009 standards and represent them as ISO 19139 compliant XML. However, there are many different ways to implement the standards and very little content is required to create a valid metadata record. Therefore, in addition to ISO compliance, this Completeness Rubric provides an extra level of assessment to help metadata authors provide more thorough information about their data. For more information about the Completeness Rubric, and how it works, users can refer to the Completeness Rubric Information wiki page.

The content within these Categories are the result of many conversations within the NOAA Metadata Working Group, which regularly updates and documents its decisions within the ISO Explorer on NOAA?s Environmental Data Management Wiki. The NOAA Metadata Working Group documents all of our most recent and up-to-date recommended practices discussed by this community in this wiki and all within NOAA are welcome to contribute use cases and examples.

This report is produced using this XSL. You may process your metadata in your own local environment or use the Enterprise Metadata Management Architecture (EMMA) Record Services GUI.

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Identification Category

8/ 8 +2

The Identification Category provides content needed for basic discovery of the resource. It includes the title, an abstract, theme keywords, point of contact, status and Resource Hierarchy Level.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Resource Hierarchy Level
Required 1 collectionSession /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:hierarchyLevel/gmd:MD_ScopeCode/@codeListValue
Resource Title
Required 1 Okeanos Explorer (EX1401): Ship Shakedown and Patch Test //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:title
Resource ID
Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:identifier/gmd:MD_Identifier/gmd:code
Required 1 Multibeam and singlebeam mapping operations will be conducted 24 hours a day throughout the cruise. Sub-bottom profile mapping will be conducted each day between the hours of 1000 and 2200 throughout the cruise. //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:abstract
Required 1 To assess ship's essential operational equipment and procedures; to conduct emergency drills; to assess ship's equipment necessary to support operations; to test ship's ROV support systems; to conduct multibeam system testing in the vicinity of Veatc (...etc) //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:purpose
Resource Date
Required 1 unknown ~ publication //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:date[gmd:CI_Date or gmd:CI_Date/gmd:date/@gco:nilReason]
Required 1 planned //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:status//gmd:MD_ProgressCode/@codeListValue
Browse Graphic
Recommended EC //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:graphicOverview/gmd:MD_BrowseGraphic/gmd:fileName
Topic Category
Recommended EC oceans //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:topicCategory/gmd:MD_TopicCategoryCode
Theme Keywords
Required 1 Deep water Canyons || Deepwater Canyons || Continental Shelf //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='theme']/gmd:keyword
Theme Keyword Thesaurus
Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='theme']/gmd:thesaurusName/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:title
Resource Contact
Required 1 Craig Russell ~ pointOfContact || Elizabeth Lobecker ~ principalInvestigator || Lt. Laura Gallant ~ originator //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:citedResponsibleParty/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty[gmd:role/gmd:CI_RoleCode/@codeListValue='pointOfContact'] | //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:pointOfContact

Access Category


The Access Category provides information about how to obtain the data, including formats, access points, distribution contacts and disclaimer statements. Not required when Resource Hierarchy Level='fieldSession' or Status = 'planned'.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Distribution Format (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_Distribution//gmd:MD_Format/gmd:name
Format Specification (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_Distribution//gmd:MD_Format/gmd:specification
Distribution URL(s) (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_Distribution//gmd:MD_DigitalTransferOptions/gmd:onLine/gmd:CI_OnlineResource/gmd:linkage
Access Contact (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_Distribution//gmd:MD_Distributor/gmd:distributorContact/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty
Resource Constraint (1) Recommended EC otherRestrictionsData use shall be credited to NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. No data access constraints, unless data are protected under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:resourceConstraints
Data Center Keyword (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='dataCenter']/gmd:keyword
Data Center Keyword Thesaurus (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='dataCenter']/gmd:thesaurusName/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:title

Coverage Category

2/2 +1

The Coverage Categrory provides information about regarding the extent of the resource, such as temporal range of content, geographic bounds of content, and general place names. This information can be displayed on maps and timelines and used in spatial searches. The Spatial Extent is not required when the Resource Hierarchy Level= 'nonGeographicDataset'.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Temporal Extent (1) Required 1 2014-02-062014-02-09 //gmd:MD_DataIdentification//gmd:EX_Extent/gmd:temporalElement//gmd:EX_TemporalExtent
Duration (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification//gmd:EX_Extent/gmd:temporalElement//gmd:EX_TemporalExtent//gml:TimePeriod/gml:duration
Time Interval (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification//gmd:EX_Extent/gmd:temporalElement//gmd:EX_TemporalExtent//gml:TimePeriod/gml:timeInterval
Spatial Extent (1) Required 1 -72-694041 //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:extent/gmd:EX_Extent/gmd:geographicElement/gmd:EX_GeographicBoundingBox
Vertical Extent (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:extent/gmd:EX_Extent/gmd:verticalElement/gmd:EX_VerticalExtent
Place Keywords (3) Recommended EC Veatch Canyon || Northeast US Deepwater Canyons || Northeast US Continental Shelf //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='place']/gmd:keyword
Place Keyword Thesaurus (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='place']/gmd:thesaurusName/gmd:CI_Citation

Content Category

0/3 + 0

The Content Category identifies the parameters, variables or features of the resource and can be documented with at least one of the two subcategories: Attributes or Features. Not Required when Resource Hierarchy Level = 'fieldSession'.

Attributes 0/3 +0

Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Description of Attributes (0) Required 0 //gmd:contentInfo//gmd:attributeDescription
Attributes Category (0) Required 0 //gmd:contentInfo//gmd:contentType/gmd:MD_CoverageContentTypeCode/@codeListValue
Attributes Details (0) Required 0 //gmd:contentInfo//gmd:dimension | //gmd:contentInfo//gmi:rangeElementDescription/gmi:MI_RangeElementDescription

Features 0/3 + 0

Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Feature Catalog Citation (0) Required 0 //gmd:contentInfo/gmd:MD_FeatureCatalogueDescription/gmd:featureCatalogueCitation/gmd:CI_Citation
Feature Catalog URL (0) Recommended //gmd:contentInfo/gmd:MD_FeatureCatalogueDescription/gmd:featureCatalogueCitation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:citedResponsibleParty/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty/gmd:contactInfo/gmd:CI_Contact/gmd:onlineResource/gmd:CI_OnlineResource
List of Feature Types (0) Required 0 //gmd:contentInfo/gmd:MD_FeatureCatalogueDescription/gmd:featureTypes
Feature Catalog Included (0) Required 0 //gmd:contentInfo/gmd:MD_FeatureCatalogueDescription/gmd:includedWithDataset

History Category

4/4 + 0

The History Category provides information about how the resource was collected, processed or other steps associated with the resource, such as archival activity. The Acquisition subcategory is recommended for raw or near-raw observations, for example Level 0 satellite data. Lineage subcategory is recommended for resources that have been processed. If unable to provide acquisition or lineage, then provide a general statement. At least Acquisition, Lineage or Statement is required. You get extra credit if more than one subcategory is documented.

Lineage + 0

Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Lineage Scope (0) Required 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality[gmd:lineage]/gmd:scope/gmd:DQ_Scope/gmd:level/gmd:MD_ScopeCode/@codeListValue
Input Source (0) Required 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:lineage/gmd:LI_Lineage//gmd:source
Process Step(s) (0) Required 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:lineage/gmd:LI_Lineage[gmd:processStep or gmd:sourceStep] //gmd:description
Processor (0) Required 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:lineage/gmd:LI_Lineage//gmd:processor/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty

Acquisition 4/4 +0

Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Platform Identifier (1) Required 1 Okeanos Explorer (EX) //gmi:MI_AcquisitionInformation//gmi:MI_Platform/gmi:identifier/gmd:MD_Identifier/gmd:code
Platform Description (1) Required 1 The Okeanos Explorer is on a course to be the only U.S. ship assigned to explore systematically our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge. //gmi:MI_AcquisitionInformation//gmi:MI_Platform/gmi:description
Instrument Identifier (17) Required 1 Kongsberg EM302 || Simrad EK60 || Knudsen CHIRP 3260 || RM Young 61202V || RM Young 41382VC || RM Young 05106/05306B || Sippican XBT/XSV || SBE 45 Micro TSG || SBE 911plus CTD || SBE 32 || POS/MV 320 || Furuno GPS || Eppley PSP || Eppley PIR || C-NAV GPS || Turner 10AU Fluorometer || Reson SVP 70 //gmi:MI_AcquisitionInformation//gmi:MI_Instrument/gmi:identifier/gmd:MD_Identifier/gmd:code
Instrument Description (17) Required 1 The state of the art 30 kHz EM 302 deep water multibeam sonar is manufactured by Kongsberg, Inc of Norway. The EM 302 transducers are modular linear arrays in a Mills cross configuration with separate units for transmit and receive. This sonar offers (...etc)The Simrad EK60 Scientific Sounder system is a new generation fishery researchtool, based on experience from the EK500. The new electronic hardware is combined with up to date PC processing and Windows operation. The EK60 provides facilities for accu (...etc)The Chirp 3260 is designed for full ocean depth work where high transmit output power is a requirement. The Chirp 3260's 5U rackmount case can be fitted with up to six 2kW transmitter modules to output up to 12kW of total system power. The most commo (...etc)The Model 61202V Barometric Pressure Sensor offers unparalleled performance and flexibility for atmospheric pressure measurement. || The Model 41382 Relative Humidity/Temperature Probe combines a high accuracy, capacitance type humidity sensor and precision Platinum RTD temperature sensor in one probe. This probe offers a choice of 0-1 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs for T and RH. || The wind direction sensor is a rugged molded vane. The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller. Propeller diameter is slightly reduced from our standard model to minimize vibration at high speeds. External housing surfaces are coated wit (...etc)The Expendable Bathythermograph is used by scientists to provide an ocean temperature versus depth profile. Useful for oceanographic research, the XBT does not restrict ship mobility. The Expendable Sound Velocimeter obtains accurate sound velocity p (...etc)The SBE 45 is an externally-powered, high-accuracy instrument, designed for shipboard determination of sea surface (pumped-water) conductivity and temperature. Salinity and sound velocity can also be computed. Communication with the SBE 45 is over an (...etc)The 911plus, consisting of the 9plus underwater CTD and 11plus V2 Deck Unit, is a premium real-time CTD accurate to the highest international standards. It features high resolution sampling (24 Hz), pump-controlled T-C ducted flow, up to 10500 meter (...etc)The SBE 32 Carousel is a full-featured water sampler for use to depths of 6800, 7000, or 10,500 meters. It is available in 12, 24, or 36 bottle configurations (1.2 to 30 liters, depending on Carousel model and number of bottle positions). The Carouse (...etc)POS MV 320 is a tightly-coupled systems using Applanix' unique approach to Inertially-Aided Real-Time Kinematic (IARTK) technology. The user-friendly, turnkey system provides accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data, representin (...etc)FURUNO GP150 is a GPS navigator designed for the SOLAS ships according to the GPS performance standard IMO Res MSC.112(73) and associated IEC standards effective on and after July 1, 2003. It is a highly reliable standalone EPFS (electronic position (...etc)The Precision Spectral Pyranometer is a World Meteorological Organization First Class Radiometer designed for the measurement of sun and sky radiation, totally or in defined broad wavelength bands. || The Precision Infrared Radiometer, Pyrgeometer, is intended for unidirectional operation in the measurement, separately, of incoming or outgoing terrestrial radiation as distinct from net long-wave flux. || The C-NAV 3050 GPS provides decimeter-level position accuracy anywhere in the world, anytime. It provides 66-channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. It also provides patented interference rejection and a (...etc)The 10AU Field Fluorometer is a rugged, field-portable instrument that can be set up for continuous-flow monitoring or discrete sample analyses. A watertight case, internal data logging, automatic range changing, watertight quick-change filter paddle (...etc)The RESON SVP 70 sound velocity probe is developed for fixed-mount installation on surface ships, outboard rigs, submarines, AUVs, ROVs and other self-propelled platforms. The SVP 70 uses the latest electronic technology combined with an innovative m (...etc) //gmi:MI_AcquisitionInformation//gmi:MI_Instrument/gmi:description
Platform Keyword (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='platform']/gmd:keyword
Platform Keyword Thesaurus (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='platform']/gmd:thesaurusName/gmd:CI_Citation
Instrument Keyword (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='instrument']/gmd:keyword
Instrument Keyword Thesaurus (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='instrument']/gmd:thesaurusName/gmd:CI_Citation

History Statement + 0

Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Lineage Statement (0) Conditional 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:lineage/gmd:LI_Lineage/gmd:statement

Quality Category

0/2 +0

The Quality Category provides reports on how complete or accurate a resource is. Not required when Resource Hierarchy Level = 'fieldSession'.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Quality Scope (0) Required 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:scope/gmd:DQ_Scope/gmd:level/gmd:MD_ScopeCode/@codeListValue[../../../../../gmd:report]
Quality Report (0) Required 0 //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:report//gmd:nameOfMeasure | //gmd:measureIdentification | //gmd:measureDescription | //gmd:evaluationMethodDescription | //gmd:evaluationProcedure
Quality Result (0) Recommended //gmd:DQ_DataQuality/gmd:report//gmd:result

Connections Category

3.0/3 +1.0

The Connection Category checks that all URLs have a functionCode and either a Name or a Description. You get extra credit when both Name and Description are available.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
URL (18) Required 1 || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || //gmd:CI_OnlineResource/gmd:linkage
URL Name (18) Conditional 1 Marine Operations Center - Atlantic || Kongsberg EM302 Multibeam Echosounder || Simrad EK60 Scientific echo sounder || Chirp 3260 Echosounder || RM Young 61202V || RM Young 41382VC Relative Humidity/Air Temperature Sensor || RM Young 05106/05306B || Lockheed Martin Sippican eXpendable BathyThermograph/eXpendable Sound Velocimeter || SBE 45 Micro TSG || SBE 911plus CTD || SBE 32 || POS/MV 320 || Furuno GPS || Eppley PSP || Eppley PIR || CNAV GPS || Turner 10AU Fluorometer || Reson SVP 70 //gmd:CI_OnlineResource/gmd:name
URL Description (18) Conditional 1 NOAA Marine Operations Center-Atlantic (MOC-A) serves as a homeport for one NOAA survey ship and provides administrative, engineering, maintenance and logistical support to NOAA's Atlantic fleet. || Kongsberg EM302 Multibeam Echosounder information || Information on the Simrad EK60 including file format documentation. || Chirp 3260 Echosounder information || RM Young 61202V information || RM Young 41382VC Relative Humidity/Air Temperature Sensor information || RM Young 05106/05306B information || Lockheed Martin Sippican eXpendable BathyThermograph/eXpendable Sound Velocimeter infomration || SBE 45 Micro TSG infomation || SBE 911plus CTD information || SBE 32 Information || POS/MV 320 information || Furuno GPS information || Eppley PSP information || Eppley PIR information || CNAV GPS information || Turner 10AU Fluorometer information || Reson SVP 70 information //gmd:CI_OnlineResource/gmd:description
URL Function (18) Required 1 information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information || information //gmd:CI_OnlineResource/gmd:function/gmd:CI_OnLineFunctionCode/@codeListValue

Metadata Category

5/5 +0

The Metadata Category provides information about this metadata record such as metadata ID, standard name, metadata contact and notes.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Metadata ID (1) Required 1 EX1401 /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:fileIdentifier
Metadata Date (1) Required 1 2014-02-05 /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:dateStamp
Metadata Contact (1) Required 1 NOAA/OAR/OER - Ocean Exploration and Research ~ resourceProvider /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:contact/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty
Metadata Standard Name (1) Required 1 ISO 19115-2 Geographic information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:metadataStandardName
Metadata Standard Version (1) Required 1 ISO 19115-2:2009 /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:metadataStandardVersion
Metadata Maintenance Note (0) Recommended /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:metadataMaintenance/gmd:MD_MaintenanceInformation/gmd:maintenanceNote

Associated Resource Category


The Associated Resource Category provides citations or identifiers to related papers, sister resources, parents, or programs that the resource is associated with.
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Cross Reference Citation (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:aggregationInfo/gmd:MD_AggregateInformation[gmd:associationType/gmd:DS_AssociationTypeCode/@codeListValue='crossReference']/gmd:aggregateDataSetName/gmd:CI_Citation
Cross Reference Type (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:aggregationInfo/gmd:MD_AggregateInformation[gmd:associationType/gmd:DS_AssociationTypeCode/@codeListValue='crossReference']/gmd:initiativeType/gmd:DS_InitiativeTypeCode/@codeListValue
Larger Work Citation (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:aggregationInfo/gmd:MD_AggregateInformation[gmd:associationType/gmd:DS_AssociationTypeCode/@codeListValue='largerWorkCitation']/gmd:aggregateDataSetName/gmd:CI_Citation
Larger Work Type (1) Recommended EC program //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:aggregationInfo/gmd:MD_AggregateInformation[gmd:associationType/gmd:DS_AssociationTypeCode/@codeListValue='largerWorkCitation']/gmd:initiativeType/gmd:DS_InitiativeTypeCode/@codeListValue
Project Keyword (0) Recommended EC //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='project']/gmd:keyword
Project Keyword Thesaurus (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords/gmd:MD_Keywords[gmd:type/gmd:MD_KeywordTypeCode/@codeListValue='project']/gmd:thesaurusName/gmd:CI_Citation
Parent Metadata ID (0) Recommended /gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:parentIdentifier

Attribution Category


The Attribution Category provides information that can be used to cite the resource and provide proper credit, such as creator names, publisher names and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Label (count) Rule Score Metadata Content Guidance: Xpath and ISO Explorer Links
Creator (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:citedResponsibleParty/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty[gmd:role/gmd:CI_RoleCode/@codeListValue[(.)= 'resourceProvider' or (.) = 'originator' or (.) = 'principalInvestigator' or (.) = 'author' or (.) = 'collaborator']]
Publisher (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:citedResponsibleParty/gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty[.//gmd:role/gmd:CI_RoleCode/@codeListValue='publisher']
Publication Year (1) Recommended EC unknown ~ publication //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:date/[.//gmd:dateType/gmd:CI_DateTypeCode/@codeListValue = 'publication' or .//gmd:dateType/gmd:CI_DateTypeCode/@codeListValue = 'creation']
DOI (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:identifier/gmd:MD_Identifier/gmd:code[contains(., 'DOI') or contains(.,'doi') or contains(.,'Doi')]
Recommended Citation (0) Recommended //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:resourceConstraints/gmd:MD_LegalConstraints/gmd:otherConstraints/gco:CharacterString[contains(., 'CITE') or contains(.,'cite') or contains(.,'Cite')]