EX1305: Summer Ecosystem Monitoring Survey on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer between 20130824 and 20130905

EX-13-05; EX1305

The survey consists of 120 random stratified stations in the Middle Atlantic Bight, Southern New England, Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine. Depending on the duration of the cruise and weather, fewer stations might be samples. These will be sampled with an array of bongo nets: a 61 cm bongo frame equipped with two 333 micron mesh nets, and a smaller 20 cm bongo frame equipped with two nets of that same mesh A subset of 15 stations from the cruise will be sampled with a similar array except that the 20 cm bongo frames will be equipped with 165 micron mesh nets. There will be five fixed position stations in the Gulf of Maine that will be sampled for plankton using a bongo net, and for water using a Niskin bottle rosette equipped with 12 10-liter bottles provided by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. There will also be an additional thirty fixed position stations that will be sampled using only the Niskin bottle rosette sampler. The rosette sampler will be equipped with a Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometry (LISST) instrument mounted horizontally on the rosette frame below the Niskin bottles to provide particulate counts and measurements. The Video Plankton Recorder will be deployed at selected stations underneath the bongo sample. It will record data in archive-mode and be downloaded on the deck. The Imaging FlowCytobot will be plumbed into the scientific flow-through system and used throughout the cruise. This cruise will represent the first operational deployment of these new technologies in the northeast U.S. shelf ecosystems.
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    Dataset Point of Contact Jon A. Hare
    Supervisory Research Oceanographer
    (401) 871-4705
    Time Period 2013-08-24 to 2013-09-05
    Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates
    N: 44.5
    S: 36.5
    E: -61.5
    W: -76
    Spatial Coverage Map
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    Publication Dates
    • publication: 2013-07
    Dataset Progress Status Complete - production of the data has been completed
    Data Update Frequency Unknown
    Purpose 1) Assess changing biological and physical conditions which influence the sustainable productivity of the living marine resources of the northeast continental shelf ecosystem using CTD?s and bongo nets at stations located at predetermined randomly stratified locations. CTD will collect electronic data on temperature, salinity, density, and oxygen. 2) Trends in ocean acidification and nutrient levels will be determined by collecting water samples using a rosette sampler at predetermined fixed locations. 3) Detail incursion of Labrador Current water into the Gulf of Maine by conducting CTD casts in deep basin areas. 4) Collect samples for the Census of Marine Zooplankton Project by the use of 20-cm bongos piggybacked above the 61-cm bongos. 5) Analyze the size spectrum of water column particles using the Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometry (LISST) instrument. 6) Determine the abundance and distribution of larval and juvenile yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferruginea) in the areas surveyed. 7) Report northern right whale and other marine mammal, bird and turtle sightings. 8) Collect SCS and acoustic data, including the EK-60 single beam from along the cruise track. 9) Collect data with new optical plankton equipment including the Video Plankton Recorder and the ImagingFlowCytobot. 10) Involve NOAA teacher-at-sea in cruise activities. 11) Conduct sea-floor mapping in the deeper portions of the study area in cooperation with OER.
    Points of Contact
    • Jon A. Hare
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    Theme keywords Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Data Center Keywords
    • CTD > Conductivity, Temperature, Depth
    • MSBS > Multibeam Swath Bathymetry System
    • Ecosystem Process Division
    • Climate Research Program
    • Ocean Acidification Program
    • Stock Assessments Program
    • stock assessments
    • ocean acidification
    • ecosystem process
    • living marine resources
    • sustainable productivity
    • continental shelf ecosystem
    • bongo nets
    • nutrient levels
    • water samples
    • Labrador Current
    • Census of Marine Zooplankton Project
    • larval yellowtail flounder
    • juvenile yellowtail flounder
    • Limanda ferruginea
    • northern right whale
    • marine mammal sightings
    • marine bird sightings
    • marine turtle sightings
    • optical plankton equipment
    • Video Plankton Recorder
    • Imaging Flow Cytobot
    • Ocean Exploration and Research
    • LISST
    • laser in-situ scattering and transmissometry
    • Niskin bottles
    Place keywords None
    • Georges Bank
    • Gulf of Maine
    • Nova Scotia Shelf
    • Southern New England
    • Middle Atlantic Bight
    • Stellwagen Bank
    Keywords Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) Okeanos Explorer Discovery Keywords
    • okeanos explorer
    • okeanos
    • scientific computing system
    • SCS
    • noaa fleet
    • R337
    • multibeam
    • multibeam sonar
    • telepresence
    • sub-bottom profile
    • mapping survey
    • multibeam backscatter
    • water column backscatter
    • singlebeam sonar
    • single beam sonar
    • single-beam sonar
    • deep-sea exploration
    • high-definition underwater video
    • underwater video
    • exploration vessel
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    Acquisition Information (collection)
    • Kongsberg EM302
    • Simrad EK60
    • Knudsen CHIRP 3260
    • RM Young 61202V
    • RM Young 41382VC
    • RM Young 05106/05306B
    • Sippican XBT/XSV
    • SBE 45 Micro TSG
    • SBE 911plus CTD
    • SBE 32
    • POS/MV 320
    • Furuno GPS
    • Eppley PSP
    • Eppley PIR
    • C-NAV GPS
    • Turner 10AU Fluorometer
    • Reson SVP 70
    • Ocean Surveyor ADCP
    • Okeanos Explorer (EX)
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