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EX1302: Ship Shakedown, Patch Test and Exploration, NE Canyons and Seamounts on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer between 20130513 and 20130606
Between May 13 and May 18, shakedown operations will: ensure all scientific sonars are in good working order after dry dock operations; assess noise reduction modifications to the sub-bottom profiler; update software and install new multibeam acquisition computer; conduct multibeam patch test; and calibrate the EK60. After May 18, the new 6000 meter ROV will be put through rigorous engineering tests, calibrated, and exercised. Video acquisition procedures and pathways will be tested on the new system, both in terms of broadcast quality video clips as well as testing the new system to record the outgoing video streams. Ship personnel will be trained on video acquisition and image generation protocols.