GLOBEC NEP Northern California Current Cetacean Survey Data, NH0005, 2000-2000, 0007

GLOBEC (GLOBal Ocean ECosystems Dynamics) NEP (Northeast Pacific) Northern California Current Cetacean Survey Data from R/V New Horizon cruises NH0005 and 0007.

Line-transect surveys of cetaceans were conducted during two cruises of the GLOBEC Northeast Pacific Northern California Current (NCC) program in 2000: May 29 -June 13 and July 27 - August 12. Surveys were conducted across the shelf and slope off Oregon and northern California (41.9 - 44.65N) from the coast to ~125.5W. Surveys were conducted in passing mode while the R/V New Horizon was in transit between stations for hydrographic and zooplankton sampling. Observations were conducted from the flying bridge during daylight (~0600 to 2030) whenever sufficient visibility (i.e., > 2 nm) and weather (i.e., < Beaufort 6) allowed. Two observers simultaneously surveyed to the horizon with 25 x 150 binoculars, equipped with compass and reticle. Each observer surveyed a 100 degree arc from 10 degrees off the bow (opposite side) to 90 degrees on their side of the ship. A third observer focused on the track-line by eye, aided with 7 x 50 hand-held binoculars. Sightings were entered immediately on a laptop computer connected to the ship's GPS system. Positions of all sightings were corrected to reflect the actual location of the cetaceans, rather than the ship's position. The height from the surface of the water to the eyes of observers on the 25 x 150 binoculars was 10.87 m.

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Contact PIs: Cynthia T. Tynan,, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution David G. Ainley,, H.T. Harvey & Associates

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