West Coast Observing System (WCOS) Temperature Data, 2004-2011

The West Coast Observing System (WCOS) project provides access to temperature and currents data collected at four of the five National Marine Sanctuary sites, including Olympic Coast, Gulf of the Farallones, Monterey Bay, and Channel Islands. A semi-automated end-to-end data management system transports and transforms the data from source to archive, making the data acessible for discovery, access and analysis from multiple Internet points of entry.

The stations (and their code names) are Ano Nuevo (ANO001), San Miguel North (BAY), Santa Rosa North (BEA), Big Creek (BIG001), Bodega Head (BOD001), Cape Alava 15M (CA015), Cape Alava 42M (CA042), Cape Alava 65M (CA065), Cape Alava 100M (CA100), Cannery Row (CAN001), Cape Elizabeth 15M (CE015), Cape Elizabeth 42M (CE042), Cape Elizabeth 65M (CE065), Cape Elizabeth 100M (CE100), Cuyler Harbor (CUY), Esalen (ESA001), Point Joe (JOE001), Kalaloch 15M (KL015), Kalaloch 27M (KL027), La Cruz Rock (LAC001), Lopez Rock (LOP001), Makah Bay 15M (MB015), Makah Bay 42M (MB042), Pelican/Prisoners Area (PEL), Pigeon Point (PIG001), Plaskett Rock (PLA001), Southeast Farallon Island (SEF001), San Miguel South (SMS), Santa Rosa South (SRS), Sunset Point (SUN001), Teawhit Head 15M (TH015), Teawhit Head 31M (TH031), Teawhit Head 42M (TH042), Terrace Point 7 (TPT007), Terrace Point 8 (TPT008), Valley Anch (VAL), Weston Beach (WES001).

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access_constraints []
bbox-east-long -119.66934
bbox-north-lat 48.325
bbox-south-lat 33.89511
bbox-west-long -124.932
coupled-resource [{"href": ["#DataIdentification"], "uuid": [], "title": []}, {"href": ["#DataIdentification"], "uuid": [], "title": []}, {"href": ["#DataIdentification"], "uuid": [], "title": []}]
dataset-reference-date [{"type": "creation", "value": "2019-10-28"}]
guid nmspWcosTemp
licence []
metadata-date 2019-10-28
metadata-language eng
resource-type dataset
responsible-party [{"name": "NOAA NMSP", "roles": ["pointOfContact"]}]
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-124.932, 33.89511], [-119.66934, 33.89511], [-119.66934, 48.325], [-124.932, 48.325], [-124.932, 33.89511]]]}
spatial-data-service-type ERDDAP tabledap
spatial_harvester true
temporal-extent-begin 2004-10-07T21:10:00Z
temporal-extent-end 2011-02-12T07:32:00Z