Temperature, salinity, oxygen and fluorescence profiles collected by CTD from the Norseman II in Bering Strait from 2013-07-04 to 2013-07-10 (NCEI Accession 0136939)

This archive is of data from 150 CTD casts taken during the 2013 Norseman II cruise to the Bering Strait. For positions, see file headers or the cruise report accompanying these data. Data were preliminary processed at sea, as per cruise report, and bottle files were obtained from this processing. Subsequently, significant issues were found with the data as regards to lack of reliability of salinity and oxygen on the downcasts. A reprocessing attempts to address these issues. (Bottle data were not reprocessed.) This archive includes: 1) the raw data files (.hdr, .hex. and .XMLCON) for each cast, so the user may reprocess the data to their own standards, 2) 2db average UPCAST data for each cast, as per Oct 2015 data processing. As will be discussed below, these data provide (we believe) the most reliable salinity and oxygen data (although note no oxygen or salinity samples were taken for validation), 3) the 2db resolution reflects uncertainty in the depth of the data as the upcast data are being used, 4) casts with particularly suspect salinity data at times of sharp temperature gradients (Casts 83, 90,91,94,100,101,103) are placed in a subdirectory, and 5) the .ros and .btl bottle data as obtained from the processing at sea. We encourage those seeking parameters to match bottle samples to consider also the 2db averaged cast data. A summary of know problems include: 1) salinity values at times of sharp temperature gradient and 2) salinity and oxygen values on the downcasts. This work was funded by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs, as part of the Arctic Observing Network, grant ARC 0855748, "An Ocean Observing System for the Bering Strait, the Pacific Gateway to the Arctic - an integral part of the Arctic Observing Network" The PIs are Rebecca Woodgate (UW), Tom Weingartner (UAF), Terry Whitledge (UAF) and Ron Lindsay (UW) (UW=University of Washington, Seattle; UAF=University of Alaska, Fairbanks).

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