Temperature profiles from XBT casts from the JARVIS from Ocean Weather Station N (OWS-N) in the North Pacific Ocean from 1973-04-04 to 1973-05-06 (NCEI Accession 7300594)

Bathythermograph data were collected from the JARVIS within a 1-mile radius of Ocean Weather Station N (3000N 14000W) and in transit. Data were collected by the United States Coast Guard from 04 April 1973 to 06 May 1973. The platform was equipped and staffed to observe weather and sea conditions. Data were processed by NODC to the NODC standard Universal Bathythermograph Output (UBT) format. Full format description is available from NODC at www.nodc.noaa.gov/General/NODC-Archive/bt.html.

The UBT file format is used for temperature-depth profile data obtained using expendable bathythermograph (XBT) instrument. Standard XBTs can obtain profiles at depths of about 450 or 760 m. With special instruments, measurements can be obtained to 1830 m. Cruise information, position, date, and time are reported for each observation. The data record comprises pairs of temperature-depth values. Unlike the MBT data file, in which temperature values are recorded at uniform 5m intervals, the XBT Data File contains temperature values at non-uniform depths. These depths are at a minimum number of points ("inflection points") required to record the temperature curve to an acceptable degree of accuracy. On output, however, the user may request temperature values either at inflection points or interpolated to uniform depth increments.

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