SODA - POP 2.2.4 Monthly Means, 1871-2010 (At Depths), Lon+/-180

Simple Ocean Data Assimilation (SODA) version 2.2.4 - A reanalysis of ocean climate. SODA uses the GFDL modular ocean model version 2.2. The model is forced by observed surface wind stresses from the COADS data set (from 1958 to 1992) and from NCEP (after 1992). Note that the wind stresses were detrended before use due to inconsistencies with observed sea level pressure trends. The model is also constrained by constant assimilation of observed temperatures, salinities, and altimetry using an optimal data assimilation technique. The observed data comes from: 1) The World Ocean Atlas 1994 which contains ocean temperatures and salinities from mechanical bathythermographs, expendable bathythermographs and conductivity-temperature- depth probes. 2) The expendable bathythermograph archive 3) The TOGA-TAO thermistor array 4) The Soviet SECTIONS tropical program 5) Satellite altimetry from Geosat, ERS/1 and TOPEX/Poseidon. We are now exploring an eddy-permitting reanalysis based on the Parallel Ocean Program POP-1.4 model with 40 levels in the vertical and a 0.4x0.25 degree displaced pole grid (25 km resolution in the western North Atlantic). The first version of this we will release is SODA1.2, a reanalysis driven by ERA-40 winds covering the period 1958-2001 (extended to the current year using available altimetry).

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