Okeanos Explorer (EX1708): Musicians Seamounts (ROV & Mapping)

Operations for this cruise will be conducted 24 hours/day and consist of daily remotely operated vehicle (ROV), overnight mapping, and full shore-based participation via telepresence. Operations will include the use of the ship's deep water mapping systems (Kongsberg EM302 multibeam sonar, EK60 split-beam fisheries sonars, Knudsen 3260 chirp sub-bottom profiler sonar, and Teledyne Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers), XBT and CTD casts in support of multibeam sonar mapping operations, OER's two-body ROV Deep Discoverer and Seirios, and the ship's high-bandwidth satellite connection for continuous real-time ship-to-shore communications. Operations are planned in and around Hawaii, the US EEZ, and in the High Seas around the Musicians Seamounts.

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