Oceanographic profile data collected from CTD casts during cruises in and near Canadian waters from 2005-07-26 to 2016-11-10

This collection contains delayed mode versions of oceanographic profile data from Canadian waters, including British Columbia coastal waters and inlets, British Columbia continental shelf waters, open ocean North Pacific waters, Beaufort Sea and the Arctic archipelago. The data types present in this collection may include air and water temperature, barometric and hydrostatic pressure, beam attenuation coefficient and transmissivity, chlorophyll A, cloud amount/frequency, water depth, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, ice depth/thickness, NH4, nitrate, nitrite, particulate organic nitrogen, pH, phosphate, photosynthetic active radiation, salinity, sea state, secchi depth, silicate, sulfur, swell direction/height/period, turbidity, wave height/period, weather, wind direction/speed, and others. The instruments used to collect these data may include CTD, bottle and fluorometer. These data were collected by various organizations, and submitted to NCEI by Mathieu Ouellet of Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Oceanography and Scientific Data. Data file format is NetCDF-3, CF-1.6.

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