Ocean currents measured by Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (SADCP) from global oceans as part of the Joint Archive (JASADCP) 1985-06 to 2016-11

This collection contains cruises within 1985-06-16 to 2016-11-25, which were received, reviewed, and prepared for archival at the Joint Archive (JA) for Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (SADCP). Only data sets that have passed quality control and calibration stages, thus science-ready, are included in the JASADCP. The JASADCP is a collaboration of NOAA and the E.Firing ADCP Laboratory at the University of Hawaii. The data have been contributed by both US and international organizations.

Absolute U- and V-component ocean current vectors from SADCP, as both a high frequency sampling (nominally 5 minutes with 8 m depth bins) and an averaged subset (hourly time and 10 m depth means), are provided for the global oceans. The depth range was typically from 20 to 300 m prior to the late 1990s when penetration extended to over 1 km.

The high frequency samples along with ancillary parameters are provided in the Common Oceanographic Data Access System (CODAS) binary format, from which long- and short-form NetCDF files are made. The long form holds an exact dump of the CODAS set. The short form gives currents in Earth coordinates and select ancillary parameters. The standard (averaged hourly/10m depth bins) subset is stored in ASCII and NetCDF.

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