Northeast Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass Recreational Fishing Demand Survey

Stated preference choice experiment data were collected in conjunction with NMFS’ Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey (MRFSS) along the coastal states of Maine through North Carolina during calendar year 2010. All anglers intercepted in the Northeast for the MRFSS were asked to participate in a voluntary follow-up mail survey. All anglers that agreed to participate in the follow-up were sent mail questionnaires using a modified Dillman Tailored Design. Anglers were given the option of completing the survey by mail or online. The choice experiment survey asked anglers that have targeted summer flounder, scup, or black sea bass to simultaneously compare features of different hypothetical fishing trips and then to choose the trip they liked best. The features or attributes varied across trips and included bag and size limits of each species, the number of legal-sized fish caught of each species, the number of sub-legal sized fish caught of each species, the number of other types of fish that were legally kept, and the total trip cost. Respondents were also permitted to choose an opt-out option which was “Do something other than saltwater fishing.” The collection of choice responses from the various choice scenarios allows for the examination of tradeoffs and behavioral responses to various biological and regulatory changes. A total of 10,244 surveys were mailed out and 3,067 completed mail surveys were returned for a response rate of 30%.

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