NODC Standard Product: World Ocean Database 2009 (2 disc set) (NCEI Accession 0094887)

World Ocean Database 2009 (WOD09) is a collection of scientifically quality-controlled ocean profile and plankton data that includes measurements of temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, nitrate, silicate, chlorophyll, alkalinity, pH, pCO2, TCO2, Tritium, delta-13Carbon, delta-14Carbon, delta-18Oxygen, Freons, Helium, delta-3Helium, Neon, and plankton. A discussion of data sources is provided. Data are both historical and modern with the most recent data from 2008.

World Ocean Database 2009 is an update of World Ocean Database 2005. It expands on the older version by including new variables, data types, and additional historical, as well as modern, observations. It contains all data from earliest observation through our collection as of Dec. 31, 2009. The 2009 database, updated from the 2005 edition, is significantly larger providing approximately 9.1 million temperature profiles and 3.5 million salinity reports. The 2009 database also captures 29 categories of scientific information from the oceans, including oxygen levels and chemical tracers, plus information on gases and isotopes that can be used to trace the movement of ocean currents. An online version of the World Ocean Database is updated quarterly.

DVD-ROM Disc 1 contains:

OSD, Ocean Station Data
Low & High-resolution CTD/XCTD, Conductivity-Temperature-Depth data
Plankton data

DVD-ROM Disc 2 contains:

MBT, Mechanical / Digital / Micro Bathythermograph data
XBT, Expendable Bathythermograph data
SUR, Surface-only data
APB, Autonomous Pinniped data
MRB, Moored buoy data
PFL, Profiling float data
DRB, Drifting buoy data
UOR, Undulating Oceanographic Recorder data
GLD, Glider data

This DVD contains six directories named:

CODES (contains codes associated with the secondary header, biological header, and taxa data);
DATA (contains yearly sorted data, dating from 1773 though 2009);
DOC (contains the documentation);
ODV (contains the Ocean Data View software for viewing the WOD09 data, developed by Dr. Reiner Schiltzer, AWI. This software will decompress selected files and offers users several options for viewing the WOD09 data. ODV works on PCs only);
PROGRAMS (contains source code and executables for programs which are examples of how to read the data and can be used to reformat the data into comma-delimited or space-delimited forms);
UTILS (contains the gzip utility for uncompressing WOD09 data files).

The World Ocean Database DVDs are currently available via the NCEI Online Store at

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