International Quality Controlled Ocean Database (IQuOD) version 0.1 - aggregated and community quality controlled ocean profile data 1772-present

This data set includes subsurface ocean profiles of temperature, salinity, oxygen, nutrients, ocean tracers, optics, and biology (chlorophyll, plankton) taken from 1772 to 2018 in the global ocean using bottles, CTD, XBT, MBT, profiling floats, moored buoys, ice drifting buoys, gliders, towed profilers, and instrumented pinnipeds. This data set was prepared at NCEI in CF compliant netCDF ragged array format under the direction of the IQuOD project. The IQuOD (International Quality-controlled Ocean Database) effort is being organized by the oceanographic community, and includes experts in data quality and management, climate modelers and the broader climate-related community. The primary focus of IQuOD is to produce and freely distribute the highest quality and complete single ocean profile repository along with (intelligent) metadata and assigned uncertainties for use in ocean climate research applications. This goal will be achieved by developing and implementing an internationally agreed framework. IQuOD v0.1 is a preliminary data set which includes uncertainties on each temperature measurement and intelligent metadata for identifying critical missing information.

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