International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) R3.0 in netCDF format

This collection contains observations of global ocean meteorological and oceanographic variables, such as sea surface and air temperatures, wind, pressure, humidity, and cloudiness, from many national and international data sources, including ships (merchant, navy, research), moored and drifting buoys, coastal stations, and other marine and near-surface ocean platforms. These observations have been merged to create the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) Release 3.0 (Freeman et al. 2017) and are now available in this collection in the netCDF 4.0 format. The spatial coverage is global and sampling density varies depending on date and geographic position relative to shipping routes and ocean observing systems. The temporal coverage is from 1662 to present and organized by one file per month.

This is the netCDF version of the ICOADS Release 3.0 (R3.0), which is converted from the original IMMA1 format (Smith et al 2017). Useful metadata have been added in the global and variable attributes of each file to make the netCDF self-contained. R3.0 includes changes designed to enable more effective exchange of information describing data quality between ICOADS, reanalysis centers, data set developers, scientists and the public. These user-driven innovations include the assignment of a unique identifier (UID) to each marine report, to enable tracing of observations, linking with reports and improved data sharing. Many new input data and metadata sources have been assembled, and updates and improvements to existing data sources, or removal of erroneous data, made.

References: Freeman, E., Woodruff, S. D., Worley, S. J., Lubker, S. J., Kent, E. C., Angel, W. E., Berry, D. I., Brohan, P., Eastman, R., Gates, L., Gloeden, W., Ji, Z., Lawrimore, J., Rayner, N. A., Rosenhagen, G. and Smith, S. R. (2017), ICOADS Release 3.0: a major update to the historical marine climate record. Int. J. Climatol., 37: 2211-2232. doi:10.1002/joc.4775.

Smith S.R., E. Freeman, S.J. Lubker, S.D. Woodruff, S.J. Worley, W.E. Angel, D.I. Berry, P. Brohan P, Z. Ji, E.C. Kent, et al., 2017: The International Maritime Meteorological Archive (IMMA) Format [ or an abbreviated version is available at:].

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