HMSRP Hawaiian Monk Seal Survey Data

This data set contains records of Hawaiian monk seal and green turtle sightings in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) since 1982 at Lisianski Island, and since 1983 for most other locations. Data are collected during standardized whole-island surveys, both timed (censuses/atoll counts) and not timed (patrols/behavior patrols). Other types of surveys and incidental observations are also included in the data set. Although turtles may be recorded on any survey, turtle data collection is only required during censuses/atoll counts. These data include Main Hawaiian Island (MHI) aerial survey data collected in 2000-01. All MHI sighting data were integrated into a common format in 2005, and eventually the monk seal survey data set will contain all monk seal sighting data regardless of location. Though most of the data have been entered, some data are housed at PIFSC in paper form.

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