High-resolution ocean and atmosphere pCO2 time-series measurements from mooring Dabob_122W_48N (NCEI Accession 0116715)

NCEI Accession 0116715 includes chemical, meteorological, physical and time series data collected from Dabob_122W_48N in the Coastal Waters of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia from 2011-06-10 to 2017-03-31. These data include AIR-SEA DIFFERENCE - PARTIAL PRESSURE (OR FUGACITY) OF CARBON DIOXIDE, BAROMETRIC PRESSURE, OXYGEN - PERCENT SATURATION, Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide - atmosphere, Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide - water, SALINITY and SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE. The instruments used to collect these data include Bubble type equilibrator for autonomous carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement, Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas analyzer, Humidity Sensor, oxygen meter and thermosalinographs. These data were collected by Adrienne Sutton and Sylvia Musielewicz of US DOC; NOAA; OAR; Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, and Jan Newton and John Mickett of University of Washington; Applied Physics Laboratory as part of the Mooring_Dabob_122W_478N data set. The Global CO2 Time-series and Moorings Project involves international groups from 18 countries who have mounted sensors on moored buoys to provide high resolution time-series measurements of atmospheric boundary layer and surface ocean CO2 partial pressure (pCO2). The CO2 Time-series and Moorings Project is coordinated by UNESCO International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP).

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