HadISST SST State-Space Components, 1870-present (Monthly)

State-space components from analysis of HadISST data by Roy Mendelssohn.

The SST data are taken from the Met Office Marine Data Bank (MDB), which from 1982 onwards also includes data received through the Global Telecommunications System (GTS). In order to enhance data coverage, monthly median SSTs for 1871-1995 from the Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) (now ICOADS) were also used where there were no MDB data.

HadISST1 temperatures are reconstructed using a two stage reduced-space optimal interpolation procedure, followed by superposition of quality-improved gridded observations onto the reconstructions to restore local detail. SSTs near sea ice are estimated using statistical relationships between SST and sea ice concentration.

Data restrictions: for academic research use only.

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