GLOBEC NEP Rosette Bottle Data (2002)

GLOBEC (GLOBal Ocean ECosystems Dynamics) NEP (Northeast Pacific) Rosette Bottle Data from New Horizon Cruise (NH0207: 1-19 August 2002). Notes: Physical data processed by Jane Fleischbein (OSU). Chlorophyll readings done by Leah Feinberg (OSU). Nutrient analysis done by Burke Hales (OSU). Sal00 - salinity calculated from primary sensors (C0,T0). Sal11 - salinity calculated from secondary sensors (C1,T1). secondary sensor pair was used in final processing of CTD data for most stations because the primary had more noise and spikes. The primary pair were used for cast #9, 24, 48, 111 and 150 due to multiple spikes or offsets in the secondary pair. Nutrient samples were collected from most bottles; all nutrient data developed from samples frozen during the cruise and analyzed ashore; data developed by Burke Hales (OSU). Operation Detection Limits for Nutrient Concentrations Nutrient Range Mean Variable Units PO4 0.003-0.004 0.004 Phosphate micromoles per liter N+N 0.04-0.08 0.06 Nitrate+Nitrite micromoles per liter Si 0.13-0.24 0.16 Silicate micromoles per liter NO2 0.003-0.004 0.003 Nitrite micromoles per liter Dates and Times are UTC.

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