Global surface-ocean partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) estimates from a machine learning ensemble: CSIR-ML6 v2019a (NCEI Accession 0206205)

This NCEI accession contains surface-ocean partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) that the ensemble mean of six two-step clustering-regression machine learning methods. The ensemble is a combination of two clustering approaches and three regression methods. For the clustering approaches, we use K-means clustering (21 clusters) and open ocean CO2 biomes as defined by Fay and McKinley (2014). Three machine learning regression methods are applied to each of these two clustering methods. These machine learning methods are feed-forward neural-network (FFN), support vector regression (SVR) and gradient boosted machine using decision trees (GBM). The final estimate of surface ocean pCO2 is the average of the six machine learning estimates resulting in a monthly by 1° ⨉ 1° resolution product that extends from the start of 1982 to the end of 2016. Sea-air fluxes (FCO2) calculated from pCO2 are also presented in the data. The discrete boundaries of the clustering approach result in semi-discrete discontinuities in pCO2 and fCO2 estimates. These are smoothed by applying a 3 ⨉ 3 ⨉ 3 convolution (moving average) to the dataset in time, latitude and longitude.

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