Gear Selectivity Survey - Haddock

Cooperative Haddock/Atlantic Cod Separator Trawl Experiment (URI Sea Grant/Fishing Industry)

Haddock and cod associate in space and time in the waters of the northeast U.S. shelf. While haddock populations are healthy, Atlantic cod populations are severely depleted. Therefore, the challenge for fisherman is to harvest haddock while avoiding Atlantic cod. Haddock and Atlantic cod are known to behave differently to the approach of trawl gear, with haddock rising and cod diving.

This study was intended to evaluate the reduction of Atlantic cod bycatch while fishing for haddock with a modified trawl. This trawl was equipped with large mesh panels in the lower bellies. Two vessels were each equipped with both the experimental trawl and a control trawl. Side by side comparative tows were made, with each vessel switching between the two nets throughout each sampling day. Atlantic cod catch reductions were evaluated.

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