DY 1308 SeaCAT Data

The objectives of the cruise were to conduct a trawl survey for YOY pollock from Prince William Sound to Unimak Island. PWS stations were not occupied during the survey due to lost time. Two cross shelf lines of CTDs were occupied to provide information on cross shelf flow. A short series of gear comparison tows were conducted in Kalsin Bay to compare catch composition and lengths of fishes collected in the anchovy trawl (Stauffer trawl) and the CanTrawl. Zooplankton was sampled using bongo nets. A SBE 49 was deployed synoptically with Bongo, CalVET and Tucker trawls used to sample icythoplankton and zooplankton at selected stations. Temperature and Conductivity were measured and Salinity and Sigma-T were derived from these measurements. While the SeaCAT measures values on the down and upcasts, only the upcasts are used.

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