Bodega Head Intertidal Surf Zone Chlorophyll-a Raw Fluorescence

Chlorophyll-a fluorescence data were collected using a WET Labs ECO FL fluorometer ( with the following manufacturer specifications: excitation/emission wavelengths: 470/695 nm; sensitivity: 0.02 ?g/l; and range: 0-125 ?g/I. Fluorometers were installed in the mid-intertidal zone (~ 0 0.3 m above MLLW) at Bodega Head (38.318739, -123.074186) in California, USA. The instrument is encased in a custom-made, secondary PVC case and then affixed to the rock using 3 stainless steel mesh straps and stainless steel lag screws screwed into high tension plastic anchors set into pre-drilled holes. The instrument face is oriented downslope and towards the water. Observations are logged every 15 minutes. The sensor face is cleaned every 2 weeks when possible but no less than every 4 weeks (depending on sea state). Instruments are typically deployed between January and March and then retrieved between September and November of each year. They are sent back to the manufacturer for servicing and re-characterization annually.

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bbox-north-lat 38.31875
bbox-south-lat 38.31873
bbox-west-long -123.0742
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