AKRO/SF: Electronic Logbooks

Logbooks are the industry reports submitted by vessels documenting fishing activity. In particular, these reports provide haul specific information, gear, fishing depth specifics, and vessel estimates of catch. Logbooks may be completed either on paper or in an electronic format. Paper logbooks are required to be completed and submitted for federally permitted vessels over 60 feet in length that are fishing for groundfish and for vessels that are 25 feet and over in length fishing for IFQ halibut. The submission of electronic logbooks is required for trawl catcher/processors participating in the American Fisheries Act (AFA) and Community Development Quota (CDQ) pollock fisheries in the BSAI, trawl catcher/processors participating in the Central GOA rockfish program, and longline catcher/processors fishing for Pacific cod if required to weigh the Pacific cod on a NMFS-approved scale. Some other catcher processors and catcher vessels voluntarily submit an electronic logbook instead of a paper one.

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