1TT06 SeaCAT Data

The primary purpose of this cruise is: to observe the ice-edge ecosystem of the eastern Bering Sea. This includes sampling water properties (T, S, nutrients) and structure of the water across the zone of the ice-edge, to sampling physical properties of the ice and the epontic algae and metazoan communities, sampling water column algae and zooplankton communities that are utilizing the phytoplankton bloom associated with the presence of the ice, and observing the distribution of birds and mammals that utilize the ice floes in the spring.

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bbox-east-long -163.83299
bbox-north-lat 59.7285
bbox-south-lat 56.1702
bbox-west-long -178.17
contact-email nancy.kachel@noaa.gov
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spatial-data-service-type THREDDS OPeNDAP
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