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Organizations: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Tags: relative_humidity wind_speed soil_moisture_percent SnoTel lwe_thickness_of_precipitation_amount latitude snow_water_equivalent earth science biology

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  • Exit Glacier

    Timeseries data from 'Exit Glacier' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usda.nrcs.wcc.snotel:1092)
  • Port Graham

    Timeseries data from 'Port Graham' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usda.nrcs.wcc.snotel:987)
  • Granite Crk

    Timeseries data from 'Granite Crk' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usda.nrcs.wcc.snotel:963)
  • Summit Creek

    Timeseries data from 'Summit Creek' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usda.nrcs.wcc.snotel:955)
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