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    Timeseries data from 'ORANGE_COUNTY - 676' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usgs.cmgp:ORANGE_COUNTY_676)
  • Hourly Longranger ADCP data, 60 bins.

    On going moored observations in Monterey Bay California
  • ru22-20191014T1645

    This project supports the deployment and realtime data delivery of autonomous underwater gliders in the coastal ocean to better resolve and understand essential ocean features...
  • bios_jack-20190620T2015

    The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences MAGIC Lab was inaugurated in 2014 through generous support from the Kerr Fund, Simons Foundation International, Vetlesen Foundation and...
  • ng618-20180701T0000

    AOML's Physical Oceanography Division, the Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System (CARICOOS), and NOAA's Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) are leading a...
  • sp064-20160517T1813

    Spray glider profile data from Scripps Institution of Oceanography Instrument Development Group (supported by NOAA).
  • NEARSHORE - 864

    Timeseries data from 'NEARSHORE - 864' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usgs.cmgp:NEARSHORE_864)
  • blue-20190815T1711

    This glider deployment is part of continuing Investigation of Mid-Atlantic Cold Pool Dynamics: The Ocean Glider Component. The program goal is to measure the seasonal-varying...
  • A01 Aanderaa - Realtime Surface Currents and O2

    Ocean observation data from the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal & Ocean Observing Systems (Northeastern Regional Association Ocean Observing Systems...
  • SG609-20150715T1350

    Seaglider data gathered as part of the Sustained Ocean Observations for Improving Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Hurricane Seasonal Forecast project funded by the...
  • CARICOOS PR1 - Ponce Doppler Aggregated Buoy Observations

    Realtime-Historical aggregated dataset from the Ocean Data Acquisition Systems (ODAS) Buoy network funded by CARICOOS and operated by the University of Maine Moored Buoy Program.
  • roxy-20160914T2055

    Ocean Observing Applications in the Gulf of Mexico to Improve Loop Current and Hurricane Predictions
  • NEARSHORE - 866

    Timeseries data from 'NEARSHORE - 866' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usgs.cmgp:NEARSHORE_866)
  • NEARSHORE - 867

    Timeseries data from 'NEARSHORE - 867' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usgs.cmgp:NEARSHORE_867)
  • NEARSHORE - 865

    Timeseries data from 'NEARSHORE - 865' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usgs.cmgp:NEARSHORE_865)
  • glos_236-20140918T1505-delayed

    Slocum glider data were collected during a southern Lake Michigan deployment from 2014-09-18 through 2014-10-16. The glider initially deployed from Muskegon, MI and crossed the...
  • ce_319-20190125T2248-delayed

    The Endurance Array is a multi-scaled array utilizing fixed and mobile assets to observe cross-shelf and along-shelf variability in the coastal upwelling region off the Oregon...
  • STRESS - 364

    Timeseries data from 'STRESS - 364' (urn:ioos:station:gov.usgs.cmgp:STRESS_364)
  • sp066-20190724T1532

    Spray glider profile data from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. (This deployment supported by NOAA.)
  • cp_387-20170419T2053

    The Pioneer Array is located off the coast of New England, south of Martha's Vineyard. The Continental Shelf-Slope area off the New England coast is a highly productive area and...
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